Start-Up Assistance

Start-Up Specialists – Concept to Market

Tincknell & Tincknell has assisted start-ups ranging from the small, boutique, under-1,000-case-annual-production winery to the first US 3-liter fine wine cask, Black Box Wines, to importers importing from New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, China, Argentina, and Romania. We do:

  • Branding strategies;
  • Business plans;
  • Marketing plans;
  • Packaging design;
  • Pricing strategies;
  • Distribution strategies;
  • Marketing.

Plus, we provide information and guidance on:

  • Label approval;
  • National importation;
  • Wine shipping;
  • Licensing;
  • POS promotions;
  • US wine media.

We have assisted dozens of businesses get their feet off the ground and their products into the market.